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So you’re searching around trying to find the best props on the market to set your event or business apart from everyone else? There’s only so many moustaches on sticks you can stomach before your beautiful album starts to get a little boring and same same. All your friends and family are in the same place for the first time in years – yet they’re all wearing pink boa’s and novelty Elton John sunglasses – and no one can see the cheesy look they’re pulling underneath. So you want something a little different – something that is going to make your photos shine. Something that is going to make your guests want to frame every single shot! So here’s 5 of the best, most fool-proof props you can encourage your guests to use. We guarantee these props will leave you with strips, prints and albums that people will want to look at over and over again. In fact – these are the only 5 you’ll ever need!

1. Creativity


The curtains are closed, no one is looking, and you have an amazing imagination – what a lethal combination! You don’t need fake lips to spark that creative genius – it’s there inside of you – so tap into it – and if it doesn’t work the first time – no sweat! You can take as many images as you like! Use 3 images to tell a story. Use one image to tell a story. Work with what you have. You’ll be amazed what you can come up with!

2. Personality


Great portrait photography will always reflect something of the subjects personality and character. In a single frame, a great portrait will open a window into a little bit of your story, or a whole lot more – and that’s what so great about an image. Great portrait photographers are praised for their ability to disarm and draw out the subjects personality amongst other things – the subjects are comfortable enough and vulnerable enough to let the photographer in. Well in a photobooth – it’s just you, your friends and the camera – you have complete freedom to be yourself – which is what’s so endearing about you!

3. Fun


Any photo of someone having fun is a photo worth looking at. You’re at a party or wedding with all your favourite friends and family – you look amazing, and your favourite song is playing over the PA. That, if nothing else, is a recipe for fun! So take it into the booth with you. Give some to your friends – there’s plenty to go around, and it’s guaranteed to look great in your photos.

4. A Great Smile


Real lips beat fake lips on a stick. There, we’ve said it! We’re pretty sure you weren’t invited to the party because of your fake lips – it was because you’re awesome! And part of your awesomeness is your amazing, room lighting smile. People want to see it! A great smile transforms your entire face, and makes everybody else smile with you. You don’t have to order your smile off eBay, and we guarantee no one else will have the same props as you. You should give it a try.

5. Spontaneity


The great thing about being spontaneous is that it catches people off guard, and their reactions are 100% genuine. No duck faces here. There are such great stories to tell in an image when someone in the booth does something totally unexpected, right before the flash goes off – the responses are priceless and will start way more conversation than a glittered purple top-hat ever will. So grab yourself some spontaneity and head on into the booth – you’ll be glad you left the giant bowtie on the table.

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