Terms & Conditions

Bookings & Payment

We require a $250.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your hire date. Payment of your deposit will indicate an acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The balance of your hire fee is required 14 days prior to the day of your event. If you are unable to make the complete payment within 14 days of your event, Lightpod reserves the right to withhold supply of the booth and it’s services until payment is received.

If your booking is made within 14 days of your event, the full hire fee must be received within 48 hours of your booking.

Additional Hours

If the booth is requested beyond the standard maximum of 4hrs, you can request additional hours on the night for a fee of $150.00 per additional hour or part thereof. If additional hours are requested before the date of your event, a fee of $100.00 per additional hour or part thereof will apply.


All prices quoted include travel time and delivery to the immediate Gold Coast area from Kingscliff in the south, to Coomera in the North. Any bookings outside this area will be assessed on a case by case basis, and additional travel charges may apply. Events in Mt Tambourine or Gold Coast Hinterland will incur additional travel fees. Please see our pricing page for details.


Cancellation within 14 days of the event will forfeit 50% of the balance of your hire fee. If you wish to change the time or date of your supply, you may do so, subject to availability.

Cancellation Due to COVID-19.

In the event of a COVID-19 lockdown or restrictions which prevent the event from going ahead on the booking date, we will make every attempt to re-schedule the date of hire to a future date within the next 12 months, provided that date is not currently booked. If border closures prevent Lightpod from delivering the booth to your wedding venue on the day of the event (south of the NSW border), Lightpod will refund the balance of the booking fee. The entire wedding industry is in major disruption and we are trying to navigate this in the best way possible to support couples and keep our business alive for future weddings.

Hire, Supply and Service

Lightpod Photobooths will deliver the booth to the site on the date of the event and ensure that the booth is prepared and ready for operation. Access to the venue is required one hour prior to the start of the hire period, and 30 mins at the conclusion of the hire period. Setup and pull-down time is outside the hire period and does not constitute part of the hire period.

Delivery of Images

All images taken by the Photobooth at your event are also saved as digital copies. It is important that you and your guests are aware that whatever happens in the booth does not stay in the booth! Images taken at your event will be delivered to you via a personal online gallery. We will also provide a link to these images on our Facebook page for your guests usually within 48 hours of your event. Any images deemed by Lightpod Photobooths to be offensive or sensitive for public viewing will be placed in a separate password-protected gallery that only you the hirer will be given access to. You may wish to tag additional photos in your gallery as private and remove them from public viewing. All hi-res images can be downloaded by the hirer as a single download using a supplied PIN Code. Your guests are only able to download single, images at a time. Images will be available in your gallery for 12 months from the date of the event.

Copyright and Use of Images for Products & Services

The copyright of all images taken by Lightpod Photobooths remains with Lightpod Photobooths. Whilst we give full permission for our hirers and their guests to duplicate, edit, modify, print or share all the images taken at your event, Lightpod Photobooths reserves the right to use these images to provide additional products and services to our hirers and their guests. This includes, but is not limited to the supply of professionally retouched prints, albums, frames and other similar products.

Use of Images for Advertising and Promotion

The hirer, by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions gives Lightpod Photobooths permission for images taken while providing this service to be used for advertising or promotional purposes in print, the Lightpod Photobooths website and/or the social network sites of Lightpod Photobooths.

Lightpod will not use any image on our website or for advertising which is deemed unsuitable or inappropriate by Lightpod Photobooths. Lightpod Photobooths will remove any image from the Lightpod Photobooths website and/or the social network sites of Lightpod Photobooths upon written request by the hirer or their guests.


By accepting these Terms & Conditions, you indemnify Lightpod Photobooths against any liability for failure to deliver services due to conditions beyond our control. This would include, but is not limited to, any failure of the venue to provide services necessary for the booth’s operation, such as failure to provide adequate power ( power outage ) or failure to provide adequate protection from natural elements.

The hirer agrees that in all circumstances, the liability of Lightpod Photobooths is limited to an amount equal to the hire fee.

The hirer also agrees that Lightpod Photobooths will not be held liable for indirect or consequential damages.

If there is a fault with the Lightpod Photobooth which arises during the event, we will temporarily close the booth and rectify the situation as soon as possible. Lightpod Photobooths when possible will extend use of the booth at the end of the agreed hire period for a time equal to the time the booth was not active due to fault. If however, outage exceeds more than 1hr, Lightpod will refund the balance of the hire fee, which is the total hire fee less the booking deposit.

If Lightpod is unable to supply the service on the hire date for any reason, the full hire fee including your deposit will be refunded.

Conditions of Hire

Our Lightpod staff reserve the right to stop usage of the booth at any time during the event if we feel the booth is being misused in a way that is potentially damaging to individuals or the booth itself.

Use of Props

Lightpod Photobooths does not provide novelty props as part our our hire package. We don’t recommend the use of props in our booth as they can easily date and ruin otherwise amazing, naturally beautiful portraits of family and friends! If however, you do wish to provide your own props, please organise with the venue a suitable table on which to display them.

Venue Requirements

Safe/Comfortable use of the photobooth requires the venue to provide flat floorspace of at least 3m x 3m x 2.7m. This space allows for the booth, space for guests to move in and out of the booth, as well as a the table for your album.

A 240V / 10A power supply must be closely accessible.

Adequate protection from rain and strong wind is required to operate the booth safely.

Please consider access and visibility of the booth at your event to maximise the use of the Photobooth.

Airconditioned premises are preferred to protect the integrity of the electronics in the booth.


All artwork, including logos, graphics, colours and fonts need to be provided 7 days prior to the event if customised photo strips are desired. If you would like us to incorporate the original artwork from your invitations or other stationery, then you must written approval from the designer of the artwork.

‘www.lightpod.com.au / www.facebook.com/lightpod’ will be printed at the bottom of your guest’s photo strip, and will compliment your customised artwork.


Any personal information we collect about you in order to provide our service, we undertake not to release or sell that information to third parties for any use whatsoever.

Please note: It is the hirer’s responsibility to inform their guests about these terms of use.